Summa-time Sadness

Hey lovelies!


August is almost half over! And here in Calgary, that means summer is ending and the colder weather is coming quickly. One thing about me, I HATE the cold. That’s why I chose to go to school in Miami instead of going to Oregon. Growing up in Indiana, I swore I’d live somewhere hot like Miami where it’s always hot and I did and I LOVED the weather down there. Not so much the city but the weather was perfect for my always chilled self. My husband hates that LOL. But alas, here I am in Calgary. In Canada. ALWAYS COLD! LOL minus like one or two weeks in June and July. I have been blessed this year, such a warm summer compared to normal summers here. God knew I needed to slowly introduced into this cold weather place!

This summer I loved wearing dresses because it was just too hot! When it’s almost 90 degrees, with no AC, darn you Canada, you don’t want to wear pants. I loved wearing these Banana Republic Factory dresses everywhere! I dressed them down with slide on sneaks or up with cute short heeled sandals. You can even add a light cardigan if the night gets chilly! As summer comes to a close, you’ll always find me wearing shorts with a light sweater! I love the monochrome look and my favorite in my closet was these Banana Republic Factory sailor shorts and striped 3/4 sleeve sweater and white slip on sneaks. You can always add a pop of color like with this Ralph Lauren lightweight sweater I found at Winners for half price! Winners, for my American readers, is just like TJ Maxx. Same company actually. Anyhow, I love that place and find my favorite designers there! Next week I’ll be writing a post about my best finds at Marshall’s and Winners.


Come back Monday to learn of my faves from Marshall’s and Winners!

All photos are shot on an iPhone 7+, all writing and editing done on MacBook Pro

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