Marshall’s Love

Hi Lovelies!


I just wanted to say how much I seriously LOVE LOVE LOVE Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, Winner’s, and HomeSense stores! No, this isn’t sponsored (although holla at me TJ Maxx company LOL) and it is my complete honest opinion. Growing up in the States, I always went to TJ Maxx and Marshall’s and once I got into college HomeSense and TJ Maxx down the street from my university became the only place I went for all my sorority formal outfits, recruitment outfits, or just for fun! Moving to Canada and not working (boo 😦 lol) and starting a blog on a budget made my Marshall’s finds even more gratifying!


I always find my favorite brands at almost half off! Just the other day I grabbed a Colombia jacket for only $30 CAD! So cheap! I picked up the most coveted shoes of the summer, these Marc Jacobs espadrilles, normally $160 USD or about $200 CAD (still available online and in some stores) for half the price for $75 USD or about $100 CAD! Insert surprised face emoji here…. Marshall’s has Aerie and American Eagle tops and the best trends in stock always! I always get the best Kate Spade handbags from Marshall’s. I stock up on beauty essentials at Marshall’s and Winner’s.

Words can’t even begin to describe how much I love shopping there. If I could shop at only one store it’d probably be Marshall’s. OR Nordstrom. Okay so two stores I can’t give up. My city doesn’t have Bloomingdale’s or Neiman Marcus otherwise I’d want my own mall! LOL


Anyhow, I’m sure if you have ever been into a TJ Maxx company store, you would fall in love too. Now, there are some stores that aren’t up to par but if it’s a newer store, then you can’t go wrong. I hate overcrowded, dark, and messy or dirty stores. Some of the older stores can fall into these categories but over 90% of the stores I’ve been in are always somewhat tidy. Even in cities like Miami and San Francisco! If you haven’t been into one of the stores, I highly suggest you going! And sign up for the free TJ Maxx Style Card. You get first looks at new stores and events and the 10 day return policy turns into a 30 day return policy! The only downside is that you truly have to go through the whole store and look at everything to find the best deals. If you find something you love, grab it! It might be gone the next time you go into the store. With the Style Card, you have a whole month to decide if you don’t want it!


Well have fun shopping at TJ Maxx company stores and share any finds from your hometown store! Come back Friday for my first hike post!


All photos are shot on an iPhone 7+, all writing and editing done on MacBook Pro

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