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My Unplugged Weekend

Hello lovelies!

This weekend my brother-in-law, Ramon and I spent two nights and three days camping about an hour or so out of Calgary at Little Elbow Campground. We were “walk-ins” and had only one lot option that we had to hike up to. Luckily, we were the only ones in our lot and it was so nice! We could do pretty much what we wanted that weekend.

Now this is no glamping site. We had to hike up a little hill to our site, had no power, couldn’t have a fire because of the fire ban, and no real form of washrooms or cell service. Being away from it all was so refreshing. Not having pinging or social media lingering in your mind. Being so “connected” to everything really clogs up our minds and souls and we loose touch with what matters most. Family, God, friends, real life. Granted there wasn’t much to do, but we spent most of our days making food together, playing card games, finding our fun, or while the boys made up stick darts LOL (don’t ask, I have no idea how it’s played) I read a book. It was so peaceful most of the time. There were other campsites around us but not too close so we were alone. We could hear the equestrian sites and some of the kids from the adjacent lots ran through our lot while playing.

At night it got so cold on day one. The next night wasn’t so bad. It was so quiet, I’ve never had such silence in a long time. The only sounds were the river across the road and insects and any wildlife around our site. Oh and some snoring LOL. On the last night about midnight, I had to sneak out of the tent to use the washrooms and oh my! I had never seen a night sky quite like the one I saw that night. It’s like what I’ve only seen in photos. SO MANY STARS! I feel like I could’ve seen every star there ever was, is and will be in the sky. It was so illuminating. I didn’t try to take a photo because although my iPhone 7+ has an amazing camera, only a super duper professional camera lens that I cannot afford could capture that sky. Someday I’ll get a photo for you guys! LOL

We had a deer wander right up to our site! It was only about 5 or so feet away from us and it wasn’t bothered by us while it walked around eating. The site could fit a few tents but we only had two. Roberto’s (my brother-in-law) and Ramon’s and mine. Ramon and I got our tent from a garage sale for only $5 CAD! What a deal right?! Wrong. We didn’t see how big it was and when we set it up in our living room we thought it was okay for the two of us. Boy were we wrong again! LOL We had a twin size air mattress that didn’t quite fit but we figured it’d be okay. Nope we could barely stretch our legs out and were cramped in our little tent but we definitely kept warm having to keep so close LOL. There’s always an upside to it I suppose! We know now, we need a much bigger tent.

All in all, I had a wonderful weekend and got to spend time with some of my favorite people and take a moment to refresh. I think unplugging every now and then is a good thing and people should try it more often. Even just at home! Turn your phone off or put it on silent. Make sure the people who would contact you know what you’re up to so they don’t worry.

On another note, I have so much content for you all that I’ll be posting Monday, Wednesday and Fridays at 3pm EST!

All photos and videos are shot on an iPhone 7+, all writing and editing done on MacBook Pro

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