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Floatin’ the Bow

Hey Lovelies!

HUMP DAY! So excited that this week is almost over! I’m sure y’all are in the same boat too. Sorry this is a bit late. A few weeks ago Ramon, Roberto (brother-in-law), their friend Garret and I decided one Saturday to float the Bow River that flows right through our beautiful city. We started up the river close to our place and ended up past downtown by Fort Calgary. We used the company The Paddle Station and it was so easy to get to the spot where we started and easy to find when we finished. I will say it was fun but definitely not enough time to casually float. We only had about 3 hours to go a decent distance and the current wasn’t too strong that day. About two hours in we really had to paddle our hearts out to the end so we weren’t charged for going over in time. Otherwise good day!

The river was decently cold but I’m a chicken and hate cold water. LOL I didn’t want to get out but Ramon was dying to go swimming. I wish we were able to just chill the whole way because then we could’ve been out there for a few more hours. It was the perfect day too! I highly suggest using the company we did and doing this before summer or well our hot fall is over! And if you get the option for longer than 3 hours, definitely take it. You can thank me later. I’ll y’all back on Friday for a fashion and beauty post!

All photos and videos are shot on an iPhone 7+, all writing and editing done on MacBook Pro

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