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Catching FALL-ings

Hey Lovelies!

Happy September and happy Friday! So glad it’s Friday and this week is almost over! (Not like I have actual work or anything but still!) TGIF to my working babes! September marks the beginning of the best seasons – I consider fall and holidays each a season LOL- EVER! I absolutely love autumn time and haven’t experienced a real autumn in almost four years! Miami only has one and half seasons….summer and those two weeks in January we call “winter.” If I was working and we had two incomes (that post is coming next week for those that are curious) I would be buying out the fall aisles of Homesense! If I ever make it big, keep your fingers crossed for me, the Homesense stores will love me!

Anyhow, enough about my enduring love for fall and the holidays. If where you live is like here the impending fall season means cooler weather but right now its hotter than all get out. Making it wayyyyy too hot out to try and wear sweaters and boots and cute blanket scarves. But not to fret, you can still embody fall without sweating your bum off. Fall styled dresses with booties is a great transition outfit for going summer to fall. And when its chilly out, you can add a pair of in trend black tights or leggings so you don’t freeze your bum off either. I will highly suggest not wearing over the knee boots unless it’s actually chilly out because I was so hot shooting with them LOL! These can go day to night here in Canada because the night scene isn’t as GLAM as my previous cities like Miami or San Francisco. Which luckily for me, is a gift from God. I don’t have to go all out just to get into a club for mediocre music, deadly slippery floors, and disgusting men trying to hit on anything with heels and exposed body parts. Not quite my scene but it is definitely fun to experience every once in a while.

On another note, I have been struggling with some things like my faith. I went to church semi-regualry growing up and stopped going in college. I blamed it on being busy, or being too tired from going out the night before. I always found excuses. I know I don’t need to go to church to have strong faith and to have a strong relationship so I found some online resources and devotionals and plan to try building a relationship from home and see where that takes me! Prayers are always welcome and I’m excited to try this out! Wish me luck and if there are any suggestions please share!

{Click the photo for link to shop. If you missed the infamous Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, most of the items are on sale now for the long weekend!}

I hope y’all have an amazing Labour Day Weekend and I’ll see you back Monday at 3 for and exciting beauty post!

All photos and videos are shot on an iPhone 7+, all writing and editing done on MacBook Pro

One thought on “Catching FALL-ings

  1. Faith is in you, prayers are being said for your journey. You do not need brick and mortar to make you faithful. I know you will find what is best for you. Hugs & peace🙏🏻


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