A Little Taste of Friday Y’all!

Hey Lovelies!


So sorry I’ve been a bit MIA! This week has been crazy! The long weekend got to me and I totally forgot about Monday LOL long weekends do that to ya. Then my wifi has been on the fritz and I’ve been keeping up with my friends and sisters down in Miami with this huge hurricane coming. Most everyone I know left the city and went upstate or even left Florida. I’m just praying and hoping that everyone I know stays safe and out of harms way. So many prayers would be welcomed! And to top it all off, Ramon has pretty much had the days off this week so we got some solid hangout time in before his schedule gets crazy again with work! The life of a baseball wife…LOL well baseball coach wife. Life has been crazy to say the least! Thank you for hanging in there with me!


As many of you know, or maybe don’t know, this week is New York Fashion Week or NYFW. All the blogger babes I love to follow are there and I am having some serious FOMO! LOL It’s always been a dream of mine to either go to all the fashion weeks (mostly because I want to work in the fashion industry) or work in them somehow like a model (GOALS but as if that would really happen), designer (12 year old Darian dream LOL), or as an influencer sitting front and center (again GOALS but as if that would happen). It great to see all these bloggers having fun and exploring the NYFW scene and I’m glad I get to follow along with them! It’s almost like I’m there but at home in my jammies and not all glammed up like them. Although how amazing would that be?! Dreams, only in my dreams. LOL Who knows what might happen! As it is said, if your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough. Or at least I think that’s how it goes…I hope all those attending NYFW are having an amazing time and soaking it all in! I’ll just be here in Calgary watching the live streams of the shows! My turn will come soon.

On another note, Ramon and I attended the annual Taste of Calgary a few weeks ago and had a great time! Although, now I have some pro tips if you plan to attend next year! If you want to go, go on the first or second day and early in the day. Ramon and I went on the last day (Sunday) in the late afternoon so EVERYONE and I mean everyone was there. It was so unbearably hot, there were hundreds of people, the lines were long, and a lot of booths had sold out of things by the time we got there.

So plan ahead, they have the list of vendors and menu online I believe so check it out before you go.  My favorites were Food Juice, Ice Panda, Yummy Churros, Sals Flatbread, Waffle Pops, Holy Smoke BBQ, and Family Freezed. Can you tell I have a major sweet tooth?! LOL But have a plan. Plus on the menu, it shows how much each thing costs (in tickets, which are $1 CAD a piece) and buy your tickets accordingly. It would suck to not have enough and have to wait in the ticket lines again! The great thing about the Taste of Calgary tickets are that if you don’t use all the tickets you bought this year, you can use them next year! If you can remember where you put them…a year ago… LOL Still pretty cool idea. Bring your own water!! I wish we had because, yup you guessed it, you have to buy waters for one or two tickets. Just bring your own or bring a few depending on how hot it is!

Do not forget your id or passport! Ramon had just renewed his license so we couldn’t go to the beer garden, but we will be going next year! If you’re between ids like Ramon was, and really want to drink still, bring that passport of yours and make sure you don’t loose it! But have fun! This is also a great way to try new things. I don’t really like lamb but I tried a lamb dish and it was gross to me but I tried something new and different. Step out of your comfort zone and try it because at least your spending less than maybe $5 on it, instead of trying it at the restaurant and paying $10-$30 for the plate. Plus if you don’t like it, it’s only a sample size so throw it away or give it to your buddy you brought along.

Wear comfy clothes! You will be outside in the beginning of August walking around, standing, and being in the sun. Wear clothes you feel comfy in, aren’t too hot or cold in, and a loose shirt because you’re gonna be pigging out on yummy food and drinks! And last tip, bring a friend! It’s more fun with someone you’re comfortable with! Y’all are eating a ton of food and trying new things so you need someone to be adventurous with. Bring someone who makes you try lamb even though you’ve said a million times you don’t really like lamb LOL and then do it back to them! I personally wouldn’t bring a first date here but if you and him or her are super adventurous and want to get to know each other quickly and in a fun way this would be great!! We only spent an hour at the festival and you could spend at least two or three hours there if you hit up the beer garden! It’s a great way to spend a nice summer afternoon!


Thank you joining me today and following along! I’m very excited to announce that I will be making YouTube videos next week! Monday, I will be getting in some new equipment so I am going to try out the YouTube thing, about 5 years too late LOL. Rather late than never! Monday I’ll be sharing an outfit I’d wear if I was at NYFW! Want to shop the dresses? Here they are!

All photos and videos are shot on an iPhone 7+, all writing and editing done on MacBook Pro

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