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Tipsy Tuesday?

Hey Lovelies!


Happy Tuesday! It’s like my new Monday LOL I wish. When you don’t work, everyday is Saturday. Oddly enough, I cannot wait to start working again! I am an avid workaholic and love to be around people. These next five months can fly by any time now and fingers crossed it all comes smoothly!


Anyhow, this is coming about two months late LOL I had cooler things to share with you! Ramon’s (hubby of mine) birthday was at the end of July and to celebrate we spent Saturday night at National on 8th and then Sunday at the Harry Potter street festival in Kensington. For my Calgarians, y’all know about National on 8th. Who doesn’t know about it?! Is a much better question to ask. If you’re legal, you go there. The rooftop patio is a hit during the summer. And if you don’t get there early, you have no chance to sit down. Well unless you stalk some tables but still good luck. You’d have better luck befriending the people sitting at the table and join them. Now, while the atmosphere is unique and very new to me (American coming from Miami to this night scene takes some getting used to), the drinks and food are BOMB! My favorite drink (so far) in this city can be found at no other than National. The Bee’s Knees adult slurpee gives me life and I can drink a few without feeling it. Which I like because normally I’m the responsible one getting everyone to their trains and Ubers and cabs. It’s the best drink because it’s the perfect combination of gin, lavender, honey, and lime slush, mixed to perfection. And at $13 each, it’s very hard to get drunk off those unless your willing to drop a hundred on your drinks alone.

Day after makeup and easy braid by none other than Ramon! He always braids my hair when I want a braid. Best husband ever, I’d say so.

My boys resting after a late night and busy afternoon.

Jacket: Gap Jean Jacket 

Top: H&M (old) but here is a similar one

Jeans: Articles of Society (so comfy and size down one size!)

Sneaks: Guess Bow Slip-ons

Top: Old but similar J. Crew top here

Shorts: J. Crew Ruffle shorts

Shoes: Target steal!

Bag: Old Coach bag but new one here

While Ramon does love National on 8th and everyone else in Calgary and probably the world, I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite place unless I’m craving that drink. It could be because I am not familiar with Canadian “night life” or because when I go out and get to that point in the night LOL you know what I mean, I inevitably want to dance like no one is watching. And from what I can tell, that is not really the place to do that. So on a scale from 1-10, I’d give it a 5. But if you like to sit and talk while you drink for eight hours, it’s your kind of place.

Let’s talk Harry Potter street festival now. We like HP a bit and I thought this would be a fun and new to try out. Disclaimer before I go in, we have been to Universal Studios in Orlando twice staying two or three days each time so we have spent a lot of time at the Wonderful World of Harry Potter both attractions. And if you haven’t been, you must go! It is AMAZING! You feel like a kid again. Anyways, the HP festival here was so cute! The city shut down the streets and different businesses turned into the various shoppes in Diagon Alley. People dressed up and the LRT was set up like Kings Cross Station. We went a bit later in the afternoon, since we had to recover from the night at National LOL. Not a good idea! It was so busy and the lines to get into all the places were so long we just walked around and left after an hour. Maybe if we had gone early when it started we could’ve gone into shoppes and looked around more but oh well. Live and ya learn. It seemed like everyone was enjoying everything. We did find a rad snowboard and skate shop with amazing staff. I didn’t grab the guys name, but damn he is great at his job! He is so informed and kinda made me want to buy a new board even though I didn’t need one! LOL Once I get a bit better at boarding this season, I’m grabbing a board there. Overall, it was a great weekend celebrating his birthday and while it wasn’t all out like I’ve done in the past, it was perfect for us transitioning into this new life.

I hope you all are having a great Tuesday and come back tomorrow for some fun looks for fall!  It’s my faux NYFW! LOL

All photos and videos are shot on an iPhone 7+, all writing and editing done on MacBook Pro

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