NYFW Vibes

Hey lovelies!

So sorry for not posting yesterday! I was sicker than a dog and had an insane migraine that just wouldn’t let me do anything but sleep! But luckily, I am all better today and all thanks to my amazing hubby. He went out and got me medicine, saltines, and firewood to make a cozy fire. After taking the max dosage of medicine and attempting to eat some saltines and drink the broth he also made (such a good husband!) we snuggled up on the couch in front of the fire and watched our favorite TV show.


Fall weather has officially come to Calgary and boy did we need it! It rained all day and was chilly AF! And it is still chilly as all get out which means, SWEATER WEATHER!!! I love my cozy sweaters and live in them. As I write this, I’m snuggled in one LOL. When moving here, I only brought my summer clothes because I anticipated going home and getting my cold weather clothes but alas, I cannot yet. So I’m making due with what I brought and adding to my closet with the help of Plato’s Closet and Winners! NYFW last week gave me all the feels and made me want to move to NYC like a month ago. While I cannot move to NYC quite yet, immigration probs…. LOL that doesn’t mean I can’t dress like I live in the big apple. I curated some street styles from Nordstrom and Winners. Just because you want to look like your famous doesn’t mean you have to drop the cash like you are! Everything was on sale! Gotta love that! I don’t have a specific style so to say like some people have an edgy style or preppy style, or mom style LOL. And there is nothing wrong with that, but me, I have a unique style which mixes in everything! From grunge, to preppy to a mix of both. These styles are more of a preppy/hippie chick style with a twist of high-end. And since I am not at NYFW I’m telling you where I’d wear these outfits here in Calgary!

  One of my faves! Monochrome is trendy and easy to style.

This top is so unique and flattering!

These jeans are so comfy and run a size big so size down!

Accessories: Hat, mules (size down half size)

 UGH! I love this! Very Tommy Hilfiger prep (considering this is all TH)

Personally, I’d pair this with bright red booties instead of beige but I couldn’t find any.

Whole outfit from Winners! Top: Pearl embellished button-up

Blazer: Tommy Hilfiger

Skirt: Tommy Hilfiger

Booties: Guess

Such a fun outfit! Perfect for fall and all sorts of events! From a girls day to going out on the town!

Top: Treasure and Bond

Cardi: Free People

Shorts: Astr

Boots: Steve Madden

Hat: Free People

This is perfect for a warm fall night (unless you live in Calgary LOL no more of those) date night.

Tank: Chelsea 28

Skirt: Frame

Shoes: Marc Fisher

Fall Beauty is exciting too! Golds, nudes, pinks, anything earthly and neutral goes! And luckily for me, it suits my skin tone and hair color just perfect. I honestly think that’s a big reason I love fall so much. Everything looks good on me! LOL not to sound conceited or anything. Earth tones suit most complexions and are relatively easy to pair with quick cat eye and nude lip. I pretty much stick with “fall beauty” all year round because that works best for me. This year I did try brights like lilac, pastel pinks, yellows, etc but I am so white that some of those “brights” blend into my skin and you can’t see anything LOL. Pale girls unite! Actually some pale girls really know how to do the brights really well and make them look like they are there but not me, not yet. This look was so easy! It only took about 15-20 minutes just doing the makeup. My skincare routine is about 10-15 minutes long so all in all, this look is about 30-45 minutes. I’m sure if you’re really good at makeup, this won’t take you that long. Most of the products in this look are under $30! I am planning to do a Youtube video for this look sometime this week so it’ll be out next week! Hopefully!

Thank you so much for following along this long post! LOL I do have some exciting news coming to the blog soon! I’ll give y’all a hint……jewelry, free month and #ad #sponsored. LOL I’ll leave you with that and keep sticking with me to find out what it is!!

All photos and videos are shot on an iPhone 7+, all writing and editing done on MacBook Pro

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