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Thumbs Up on Devil’s Thumb

Hey there lovelies!

Happy Monday!! Yes, a miracle that I am actually posting on a Monday considering the last two weeks…LOL Oh well glad you’re here regardless! I know Friday I said I’d share fall beauty today but I thought “It’s been awhile since I wrote about hiking!” so here it is! Our hike to Devil’s Thumb at Lake Louise.

When you read up on the hike to Devil’s Thumb it says it’ll take you about 2 hours to hike and it’s a difficult one. I’d have to partly agree to those. It definitely takes more than 2 hours to hike round trip. Maybe if you’re a pro hiker, maybe it’d take you 2 hours but realistically speaking, its harder for us common hikers and folks. It is more difficult than say the Lake Agnes Tea House, Little Beehive, or even the Big Beehive. As long as you take your time, anyone should be able to do this within physical capability. It does get pretty steep once you make the final ascent. So if you don’t do hikes, (might be common sense buttttttt) please don’t hike a mountain LOL. I’m not necessarily afraid of heights but it’s a bit nerve wrecking climbing so steep. I had a breakdown my first steep mountain and it was not pretty. Oh well, another story for y’all later LOL I do laugh about it now, knowing what I know. Anyways, I digress.

Getting to the “trailhead” of Devil’s Thumb is pretty easy. You take the first trail by the lake up to the Lake Agnes Tea House. I like to stop before and after (depending on your hike and time) to grab some of the best hot tea and cookies! YUM! I love chocolate chip cookies, always. I don’t discriminate LOL. From the tea house, you take the trail around Lake Agnes towards the Big Beehive. You’ll gain a decent amount of elevation going up switchbacks until you get to the top. Once you’re up to the top, you can turn left to hike over to the Big Beehive or you can go right and lightly scramble up to the trail of Devil’s Thumb. Make sure you keep left because that’s the face you want to hike. It does get a little steep but it’s not bad if you keep to grassy area that acts like steps! Coming down is much worse and probably my least favorite part of the hike. Once you’re up to the ridge, keep right and scramble up the rocks to the summit of Devil’s Thumb. You’ll know you’re there when you see a huge rock pile. Don’t worry, you CANNOT miss it! LOL I thought we had until I saw it. It’s a nice place to just sit and hang out and feed the chipmunks and have some lunch or snacks. I didn’t get any pictures of feeding the chipmunks but boy were they cute!! They came right up to you and ate out of your hand!

If you go left you can scramble up to a cool lookout that you can see the top of Devil’s Thumb and the surrounding views pretty well! It was so nice! I only went a bit a ways up because it was very windy and I was chilly. As usual LOL. I was definitely ready for a few cups of hot hot tea to warm my hands and body up! Like I said earlier, it’s a bit scary coming down but just go slow and take small breaks often if you need them. Rather come down slow and in once piece than quickly and not come home. You probably won’t get hurt doing this hike but just always take caution. Then you can go down the highline trail to the right or go back down the left to Lake Agnes. We chose that way because tea and cookies, am I right?! LOL. The way back down to the Chateau is the same you came up. Decent moderate hike in my mind. I liked this one a lot! It wasn’t fun but it was nice. Great views too! If you are a beginner hiker this might be hard for you and I suggest just sticking to the Beehives if you want to do hikes that challenge you. If you want a leisure hike then stop at the tea house and turn back. If you’re an intermediate hiker this shouldn’t be too difficult for you. It might be tiring but you’ll do just fine. And if you’re advanced to pro, well let’s face it, you’ve probably already have done this hike. If you haven’t and still want to hike it, it’ll be a cake walk for you. You could probably do a few of the hikes while you’re there! LOL

I’ll be back Wednesday with some fun beauty products to try for fall! Perfect earth colors for every skin tone and age range. Thank you for following along and taking time to join me on this journey! I am thankful for every reader, subscriber, and follower I have, though we are small we are fierce! LOL!

All photos and videos are shot on an iPhone 7+, all writing and editing done on MacBook Pro

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