Can You Spot the Difference?

Hey lovelies!

Sorry for not posting Wednesday, still getting used to the consistency thing of blogging. They never tell you how hard it really is! That’s another post though! I hope y’all are having a great Friday, I know I am! I have mac n’ cheese for lunch, I can eat mac all day long!! Plus it’s Friday!

Another week down so many left to go. Waiting is hard, waiting patiently is even harder. I am not the world’s most patient person when I’m super excited about something. Although you might be reading this and thinking why would she be so excited to go back to work, I’d die to have 8/9 months off work. Trust me, you go cray cray! I mean if I had a couple mill in my bank account and could travel like the KardJenners, I probably wouldn’t mind. But I am plain Jane normal so it kinda sucks LOL. It definitely has allowed me to assimilate into my new culture and area, which helps so much! Considering I am in marketing and retail so I definitely need an amazing grasp on the culture I am living in. I will admit, I never thought Canadians were so so so different from Americans and I think everyone forgets that except Canadians. And well, the rest of the world pretty much….except most Americans. LOL but really though, I didn’t expect so many differences.

View of the tea house across the lake
View from the top

When you think of Canadians, what is the first thing you think of? That they are all so freaking nice! Which, I’d like to inform you is 99.9999% true. Most everyone I have met, are amazing people and are really nice. But like anywhere, you have assholes. I definitely would say the ratio of nice to mean here is opposite of the US, where we have more “rude” people than nice. I feel this might be a misconception. Also, please don’t think I’m hating on either one of my cultures, because now I am apart of both and dearly love both for their ups and downs. This is also a generalization, which I hate to do since not everyone falls into these categories…i.e. me.  As Americans, we tend to more straight-forward and blunt with our thoughts, ideas, feelings, etc. being taken sometimes as “rude” by visitors. While people might actually be rude and I’m sorry but not everyone is, I promise! As an American, I don’t mind that completely. At least you know how people feel, but almost to a fault. Not everyone is nice and feelings get hurt easily when you’re brutally honest…for example, everything going on in the US…I love my country but there is a lot of hate and politics. I don’t like discussing politics at all.

Anyhow, Canadians are more subtle. Which has proven a bit difficult for me because now I have to consider all the subtleties in conversations. Not that Americans don’t rely on body language, it’s just relied on more here in Canada. Something I’ve found is how the same saying means two totally different things in each culture. “For sure” is something most people probably say. In America, someone says “for sure” after you ask for something most likely means “yes no problem” or the equivalent. In Canada, if you ask for something and someone says “for sure” it probably is sarcasm or that they probably don’t want to do it but are going to to be nice, or the equivalent. Also, not saying this is always the case but more times than not this is the case. This was hard for me because I say “sure” a lot instead of “yes.” LOL had to change that real quick!!

Surprise! Not every Canadian is nice. I have gotten so many rude things said, thinking I can’t hear them, or dirty looks because I am American. While I don’t really care what these people think, it still kinda sucks. People see my California plates and my id and that’s where it comes from most of the time. This is my favorite story because it is so vivid and a bit humorous to me LOL. I was parking my car at a store and it was mid afternoon and a sunny day so I had both my windows down. I was backing into the spot with my front facing out and two older ladies (maybe 50s/60s) walked past my car right after I put my car in park and before I rolled up my windows. The one closest to my car looked down at my Cali plates (since we have front and back plates) and said “pssshhh california” in a very condescending or annoyed voice. She obviously had no idea I was watching and listening (car windows still down and all). LOL best part! She looked up into the car and I was sitting there smiling a kind smile and I said out of my window “Hi! I hope you have a great day today!” The look on her face was priceless! She definitely didn’t think I had heard that little rude statement. It didn’t bother me, I just got out of my car and continued on my way. Now that is just one in million.

On the other side of things not everyone is mean either, I was at a small grocery store and had been chatting with the sweetest older man (probably in his 70s) who was in line behind me. I had thanked him for the conversation before walking out the store. I was standing beside my car trying to find my keys when he walked out too. He saw my plates and asked if I had driven all the way here (it’s about 22 hours one way) and I had said yes and before that we had driven from Miami to California before coming here. We chatted about how I made it to his amazing country and I told him how much I liked it so far. He was SO NICE! He graciously welcomed me to his country and province saying he was born and lived in Alberta his whole life. His smile was so genuine and kind that it made my whole day! Just like anywhere you go, you have mean people but you also have really nice people.

He didn’t care that I was American. He cared because I was nice and kind to him as well. He would’ve never known otherwise. I am a person that is not defined by where I was born and grew up. And no one is. That’s the amazing thing about humans. We live life and we feel like we are defined by our situations, locations, etc. and we aren’t. We may not have equal opportunities and similar upbringings but that doesn’t mean you have to define yourself by that. I’ve met people who grew up in awful neighborhoods and could’ve gotten into some bad things. But they chose not to be defined from where they grew up. Instead they set goals for themselves, stuck to what they wanted and got out and are doing amazing things! Moral of the story, just be kind and true to yourself and be yourself and the right people will like you for you!

I will say I am loving being here in Canada and I am excited for my work permit to come (fingers crossed) in so I can get out into the workforce and meet more amazing people! I am also very excited to eventually become a citizen of Canada (all that immigration paperwork takes so long! LOL) and really enjoy this country.

As I go along, I will share more differences I find in cultures and share my experiences with you all! I hope you liked this post and hopefully I didn’t offend you, that definitely was not my intention and if I did, please send me a private message on my contact section saying what I had said that offended you and we can talk together. Have you experienced any of these differences in your travels between the countries? Let me know!

Thanks for following along, see you Monday!

All photos and videos are shot on an iPhone 7+, all writing and editing done on MacBook Pro

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