My Little Rascal

Hey Lovelies!

Happy Friday! Another week down, can you say hallelujah!? Well, I’ll say it for y’all, HALLELUJAH! I’ll even scream it for you LOL well the all caps kinda makes it seem like I did. Two birds, one stone right? Roscoe (my kitty) is writing this with me, and by writing this with me I mean he’s snoozing (and snoring LOL) next to me while I write and watch Hallmark Christmas movies. Too early? I know I know, I can’t help the sappy romance movies. They just give me all the feels and definitely makes me want Christmas here ASAP! Christmas means many things, the feeling of the holiday (everyone is happy and nice! or well almost everyone), Christmas cookies and food (YUM!), finding the perfect gift for my special people (I’m the self-appointed Best Gift Giver Ever), and the best part of it all, my mama is coming! Yay! Only 82 days until she’s here!! {Insert the most excited ever emoji here}

My post today is short and all about my little Roscoe. I figured I’d do a mini feature on the people I love most every month so y’all can get to know the people who influence me and inspire me everyday! So we are starting off with the smallest one first. Roscoe, what can I say about my kitty. Well he’s the biggest shithead, excuse my french, but he really is. He’s so crazy! I could spend thousands on cat toys and all he plays with is literally anything that rolls! LOL His favorite is by far, Q-tips. Then its string cheese, then marshmallows, then hairballs (I have long hair so there’s quite a bit of hair laying around, oops), then maybe, MAYBE his cat toys. I think he’s started to play with one of his crunchy ball toys but that was a quite play. LOL He is so crazy. That’s the only way to describe him.

He is so loving, with me at least. He loves to have his belly rubbed, and he’ll let you know when he’s had enough. He loves to play with bugs and chase them. He loves running around outside and playing in the grass. He loves to watch TV shows LOL. He loves to lay on the couch with me when we watch TV or write blog posts. He cuddles in bed and always sleeps at our feet or when he knows I need extra love, at my side. He used to cuddle so much more as a kitten but as he grows up {sad face emoji here}, he also grows out of his cuddliness. He is mystified by the toilet, he can’t seem to fathom the noise and where all that good water goes when the human pushes the silver thingy. LOL he loves to peek his head in the shower when I’m showering. He’s done this since I got him. Probably the same mystification he has about the toilet. LOL. He hops into the tub when you’ve gotten out to roll around in the left over water. He sleeps in the bathroom sink and on top of the cabinets. He rarely leaves my side when I’m home. Mama’s boy! He sits in the sink while I do my makeup and hates when I turn my stereo on. He knows that means it’s gonna be loud and mom will probably sing and dance and that means he will be swept up eventually and forced to dance with mom. LOL guilty!


I got Roscoe in January of this year and we have been through so much together! He turns 1 on October 16th. We don’t know his real birthdate because he is a rescue kitty. His foster mom (who I adopted him from) found him and his two brothers in a junk yard dying. If she hadn’t gotten them when she did, the vet said they would’ve died. She nursed them back to health, and adopted them out. He had a twin brother, so cute too! I didn’t want to break a bonded pair but I knew Roscoe (then named Gable because he was found near Coral Gables) was the one for me. I had searched and searched and finally found him. He came over with his foster mom, who was also worried to split them. We agreed that if he didn’t adjust after a week, I’d either have to adopt his brother too for no extra cost or give Roscoe back so she could adopt them out together. Roscoe assimilated almost immediately and he knew I would never let anything happen to him. He is my baby. My first kitty as an adult.

In Miami, we were inseparable! I never slept over at any of my sisters places because I didn’t want to leave him home alone overnight, or I’d bring him with me on my milkshake runs to Steak n’ Shake! LOL He loved those because he got to hang out with me more (I’d like to think that) and he’d get a taste of mom’s milkshake and fries. Needless to say, I’m much happier with him in my life. I’m thankful for our memories and the memories we will make together. If you can’t tell, my pets aren’t just animals. They truly become part of the family! Ramon doesn’t agree but that’s okay. He adores that about me (I’d also like to think that LOL).


Thank you for following along and I hope you enjoyed reading this about my Roscoe. If you want more of him just let me know! I’ll happily post photos of him! Monday is all about skincare! Have a great weekend!

All photos and videos are shot on an iPhone 7+, all writing and editing done on MacBook Pro

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