Monochrome Vibes

Hey Lovelies!

Happy Tuesday! So it seems I’ll be posting Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday until I can schedule these bad boys. And it’s finally October! Woo Hoo! My first Canadian Thanksgiving is next week and I hope it’ll be just as good as my family’s! I’m sure it will be! It’s so weird to be having Thanksgiving so soon since I’m used to American Thanksgiving in November. It doesn’t feel right LOL because now all the Christmas stuff is coming out and they prepare earlier. I will still do a mini American Thanksgiving with just Ramon and Roscoe since it’s my traditions and lucky for our future kiddos (in like 10 years so no asking LOL) they get two Thanksgivings aka yummy feasts. Anyhow, the cold weather has set in officially here- it snowed yesterday! And although it will melt soon and be “warm” again I’m officially in cold weather mode!

In terms of the traditional fashion world, you never wear white after Labor Day. Well us modern fashionistas will tell you that’s outdated and you can throw that rule out the window! Winter whites and fall white are a part of the staple wardrobe. I absolutely live for monochrome, while I will step out and do something different but I try to stick to two colors tops when styling an outfit. I don’t like to look too busy (in everyday life at least, fashion week would be a different story! LOL) and I tend to keep things simple. I feel it looks more sophisticated and elevated. Normally I’m awful at accessorizing, which is surprising considering I’m a fashion blogger…I have been inspired by some of my favorite bloggers to accessorize with hats! So simple and easy to add on! If you aren’t the best at accessorizing either, try out a hat. It’s not a huge commitment but can change an entire outfit. And the best part, if you get tired of the hat, take it off! Easy as that! LOL Trust me, you’ll get so many compliments!

Hat: Urban Outfitters Top: Free People Bottoms: Spanx Leggings Shoes: Halogen Mules Sunnies: Nordstrom


It’s a little different for me, I’m usually in jeans and a comfy top which is exactly what this is. But less like a bum more like a socialite LOL or so I wish! I wore this out and about to get coffee and look at some cute boutiques here in Calgary! These mules are so comfy and can go all day long! Plus this top is sooooo flattering! Great for multiple body types and sizes! And ages! Fashion isn’t limited by age (or size) but by creativity.


Stop by tomorrow for a beauty post! I have been procrastinating my beauty post for awhile now but I will share my skincare routine and share my favorite must buys! Thank you for stopping by and I appreciate every one of you, my dear readers! I was thinking about doing a giveaway! Something small to say thank you! What do y’all think? What would you want me to giveaway? Beauty products, gift card to Starbucks, Nordstrom, etc., Paypal cash? You let me know and I will figure it out!






All photos and videos are shot on an iPhone 7+, all writing and editing done on MacBook Pro

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