One Dress, Four Ways

Hey Lovelies!

Happy Monday! So as you can probably tell, I have been struggling with consistency and pressure to be like other blogs, and other bloggers for that matter. I took last week off to refresh and renew and remind myself that I am not like other blogs, or other bloggers and y’all loving coming back here for a reason so I’m sticking to that! With that said, I will only be posting Monday and Friday here. Once I gain a bigger following and requests for more content, then I’ll post more often.

Sooooo without further ado, my favorite dress (not mention every woman who has tried it on LOL) styled my four favorite ways for fall. Unlike some of my fave bloggers (who are lucky enough to live in warm weather places LOL) I can’t just wear the dress alone, its WAY to cold for that. So in light of my love for monochromatic looks (see my last post here), one dress styled four ways monochromatically.

My first look is the IT dress paired with a cozy, not to mention SO FREAKING SOFT, cardigan from  Madewell and some pink velvet bow flats from Sam Edelman. Pink is one of my all time favorite colors, along with black of course LOL, which made this pairing a match made in heaven for me. I did order this cardigan in medium even though I’m a small. I normally don’t size up in Madewell cardis but Nordstrom only had a medium online so a medium it was. I did go back and swap it out for a small which felt much better. I would say the dress and flats are true to size (TTS) but I did size up in the dress for length. I don’t like showing off my goodies to people who don’t need to see it. LOL modesty is key for me.

The second look is another favorite color of mine. Bordeaux or burgundy or wine or dark red, what ever you may call it, it is tried and true for me (not to mention it is one of my sorority colors LOL). This cardigan can be worn like a classic cardi, or wrapped like this. Almost every big blogger out there can’t stop raving about this cardigan. I love wrap cardigans but for some reason this just didn’t make the cut for me. My favorite is an oldie from AllSaints but I thought I’d try this one out since so many people raved about it. It is very comfy and I’ll give them that, but the wrap doesn’t lay right on me and wouldn’t look good paired with jeans, on me at least. I think it might’ve been the size but I stayed TTS like suggested but I would size down personally knowing what I know now. LOL This is definitely is a try on in store kind of sweater. I do still suggest trying it on for yourself and decide if you love it or don’t. I paired it with these slip on sneaks from BP in a wine velvet color (can you tell I LOVE the velvet trend?! LOL). Not only are these affordable but super comfy! They weren’t available in Canada so I had to order them online and per the suggestions to stick TTS I ordered the size I normally order for slip-ons. WRONG! Definitely size up a half size and you’ll be golden! They do have a little platform which is very comfy and great for being on your feet all day.

The third way to style the perfect dress for fall is to make it feel like fall! Throw on your favorite brown cardigan and booties and you could go day to night with this look! I love this cardigan from Barefoot Dreams and its so cozy I could live in it! Well, not really but you get the idea LOL. These booties are so comfy and I wore these all day walking around Calgary last week! Some people are dead set against brown and black together but I LOVE the combo. It makes it feel more sophisticated compared to other color combos.

The last and final way I styled this look is the IT dress paired with this cozy grey tunic pullover and grey slip-on sneaks. This look is great for running errands, going shopping, attending fall festivals, or just a casual day! You could definitely dress this look up by pairing it with flats or pumps. This is simple look and you could switch up the colors for different feel or for an occasion like Halloween or Thanksgiving or even Christmas!

These are all really easy to re-create using cardigans and tops you have at home or can find anywhere! Take the colors and try it on your own. I’d love to see what y’all come up with on your own! The Chloe Nile bag dupe I found is spot on to the real thing! And so affordable!

Thank you for stopping by my blog and supporting me! I will see you Friday afternoon for a beauty review! What do you think about me doing YouTube videos? What would y’all want to see? Beauty, fashion, etc. Let me know! See you Friday!





All photos and videos are shot on an iPhone 7+, all writing and editing done on MacBook Pro

3 thoughts on “One Dress, Four Ways

  1. Love the styles -all of them – cute. You look fabulous, but really love the burgundy. I look forward to your next blog, I gotta go try some cardigans on! Lol

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