Oh My Kiehl’s!

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Happy Friday! Finally Friday, woo hoo! Anotha week down, so many yet to go….I hope y’all had an awesome week. Mine was pretty boring, well more boring than a girl not able work can get LOL. But since winter is fast approaching (for us anyways) a skincare review I figured is a must! Winter means dry air, or well dryer air for us here in the West, and that means dryer skin. No one likes dry skin! YUCK! So I am doing a little review of some of my favorite Kiehl’s products for y’all to help prepare you for winter too! This is not sponsored whatsoever and all opinions are my own (and I paid for all these on my own too. YUCK! LOL). I did get all my products from my local Nordstrom but you can also visit Kiehl’s online or in one of their stores!

Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Eye-Brightening Concentrate

I tend to have bad dark circles lately since moving here to Canada. I contribute part to late nights (I’m a night owl) and part to the climate. I lived in California which is dry, but this is an all new kind of dry! I didn’t have any eye serums in my routine and now I can’t go a day without one! People don’t normally know this but the skin around our eyes is different than the skin on the rest of our face! It needs special serums and creams made just for them. Meaning, if you don’t have an eye cream and you use your normal moisturizer, you’re doing more harm than good. You’ve probably noticed your eyes are more puffy and have bags because that skin absorbs all the moisture. Now, you’ll see I have two products in my photo. I really liked my Kiehl’s concentrate for my eyes but saw it really didn’t combat the darkness that I wanted to correct so now I use the Garnier Clearly Brighter Anti-Dark Circle Eye Roller (which I got at Wal-Mart) and then apply the Kiehl’s concentrate on top for the hydration. I have noticed a difference in my dark circles with using both!

Super Fluid UV Mineral Defense SPF 50+

Your skin on your face is so sensitive and the worst thing for skin is UV! Now Kiehl’s has a both a UV defense and a UV block (orange packaging). I chose the defense because it actually deflects the UV rays and the block does absorb some of the rays. So I chose to completely deflect those bad boys and protect my sensitive skin. This does have a dark tint to it and the first thing I said was “Whoa that’s WAYYYY too dark for my pale skin!” LOL the Kiehl’s manager here at Nordstrom Chinook laughed at me (she also has pale skin) and said she had the same reaction! Not to worry, it blends out and matches your natural skin tone. I love that you don’t need a ton of product either to get the job done!

Micro-Blur Skin Perfector

I am OBSESSED with this product! It’s like a primer (it is actually a primer LOL) and treatment for your skin in one product. It makes my pores look smaller (I kinda already have small pores) and my skin is soooooo soft! And the best part?! My skin isn’t oily (when I wear makeup all day) at the end of the day like it tends to get with other primers! SCORE! LOL I just love it. I wish I could replace all my products with Kiehl’s but my wallet and bank account would literally come to life to kill me LOL. I love how Kiehl’s products contain all natural ingredients because my sensitive skin needs something that works but isn’t harsh on it. If you need new primer, definitely give this a try!

Butterstick Lip Treatment

This is the bomb! It’s a lip treatment, lip chap, and lip tint in one little tube! Not to mention, it is SPF 25 to protect your lips. My color is Hint of Rose because I liked the subtle pink hue to wear when I want a more natural look and it smells like rose which I am obsessed with. It reminds me of the ever popular Sugar lippies, but in my opinion better. If you’re not sold, then listen closely….it’s only $25 CAD! Not too shabby for a luxury brand product. I wear it almost every day and I love it. {Here is another option, and it goes to help Breast Cancer research! A cause that hits close to home for me}

No makeup, just a touch of my favorite blush and my Kiehl’s Lippie

Like I said, if I could change my other three steps to Kiehl’s right now, I so would! I will in time but for now, I have to use up the products I already have. If you haven’t tried Kiehl’s, you definitely need to go in and check out what they offer. They offer products for all ages and they have a huge selection for men too! So your significant other won’t be left out either. They also have travel sizes in almost all their top selling products for a great price! SOOOO if you want to try something without committing to the price, the travel sizes are great or if you simply love your full size products and want to take them with you on your travels, well they’re perfect too!

Thank you so so much for stopping by this week! I hope your weekend is exciting and filled with fun! Come back Monday for my new series! Mountain Monday, where I talk about a hike and give you the real low down on some of those gorgeous hikes you see! I’ll be doing a Mountain Monday on the third Monday of each month until I run out of hikes or ski hills (as if that could happen!) LOL.







All photos and videos are shot on an iPhone 7+, all writing and editing done on MacBook Pro

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