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Busting Out the Beehives

Hey Lovelies,

Happy Monday! Hope your weekends weren’t too short LOL. The first of my Mountain Monday series! So excited to bring something new yet not so new to y’all! I think I said I’d post on the fourth Monday of the month with a mountain post. And boy do I have a ton! Today we are busting out the Beehives at Lake Louise!

While the trails aren’t open right now, you can use this to plan your trip next year! The trails are closed October to about early June, but you can still hike around the lake at your own risk. Ramon and I did a small hike in mid-May and ended up hiking up onto an avalanche and could’ve gone farther but I was a scaredy cat and didn’t want to. The hike to Lake Agnes Teahouse and the Beehives are considered a moderate hike and is said to take about 2-3 hours one way. It’s about a 10km hike round trip. I would consider this a moderate hike for the average person. Now if you’re a seasoned hiker, this would be an easy hike for you. But if you’re seasoned, you’re probably not hiking around the beehives LOL.

Its pretty easy to navigate to the Little Beehive, Lake Agnes Teahouse, and the Big Beehive. When you get to the Chateau at the base of the Lake, you’ll walk along the shore and take the first trail just off from the Chateau. You’ll come to a small lake about half way up called Mirror Lake. You continue on the trail and you’ll see trail markers to hike Little Beehive. It is a bit steep up that way but the views are so worth the hike! You’ll hike down the same way you went up and continue along the trail to the teahouse. Once you get to the stairs, you can either climb those bad boys up to the teahouse or if you’re feeling adventurous you can climb around and up the waterfall. You just walk across the rocks of the waterfall and then climb up the grassy area and rocks and viola! you’re at the teahouse too. Stop in and have some tea! But come prepared because they only take cash. But they take US and Canadian currencies. They are a bit pricey so bring a decent amount for how ever many people are with you. Make sure to grab a chocolate chip cookie, and try the tuna sandwich. YUM!! LOL I love food and tea.

When you’re done eating and drinking your tea, head up to the Big Beehive. Pretty easy to navigate as well. Follow the trail around Lake Agnes and make sure you follow all the way around up to a steep switchback trail. The first time I hiked this, I was fresh off a plane from Miami and it was a BITCH to hike LOL. Excuse my french but it was so hard for my negative altitude self. Keep it up because the views are so worth it! Once you get to the top you just go hiker’s left, and you’ll get to the best views. From the top you can also go hiker’s right and hike to Devil’s Thumb (see my post here). To descend, you can go two ways. You can obviously get down via the way you went up and visit the teahouse again, if you wish. ORRRRR you can go down the opposite side of where you hiked up. It is a bit steep but you get to see another side of the mountains and great views.

It is definitely a great hike for adventurous tourists or even locals! It’s not too difficult but it’ll definitely get your blood flowing and give you some great Insta worthy pictures. Don’t forget to pack snacks (little chipmunks will eat from your hand!), water (trust me you want some!), and bear spray! You never know what you’ll come across in the mountains. Oh, and don’t forget some tunes! It’s pretty busy in the summertime but music definitely makes hiking easier, more fun, and helps keep the wildlife away. I’ll share my playlist in another post!

Thanks for stopping by and I’m sorry I took so long off. I have been dealing with life and adjusting to a few new things popping up. I pinky promise not to go so long without posting! And I never break my pinky promises! I love you all and thank you for supporting me in this journey!

All photos and videos are shot on an iPhone 7+, all writing and editing done on MacBook Pro

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